June 11, 2011

Spending the Day in a Full Blown, Bona Fide, Nursery

Me, Mia, and Becky - my new gardening pal's! 
On a cold, blistery day in March I got to spend the whole day in a full blown, bona fide, Nursery & Garden Center.  It was completely fun, and worth the two hour drive.  The day started out touring the major facility.  After our grand tour it was time to get to work.  We volunteered by getting the seeds started and transplanting the plants that had already grown a few inches.  I met some wonderful people and just enjoyed the day getting my hands dirty and learning how to start seeds for growth.  I know, I know you would think it would be super simple just to put seeds in a tray of soil and let them do their work.  Because I am a beginner gardner I had no idea that it just took placing the seeds on the top of the soil then lightly topping off the seeds with a little bit more soil.  No wonder the seeds I tried starting last year never worked...I stuffed them so far down in the soil they never really had a chance.  However, I started some of my own seeds again this year for my garden.  It just so happens that this year, by following the techniques learned during my observance and volunteering at the Nursery my little peppers have germinated and are ready for planting.  I had such a wonderful journey through the many greenhouses, and walked away learning some great skills.  Of course, I am now just one step closer to a green thumb!
 The seed planting machine.  Feeds the tray of soil through a machine that then places the seeds on top of soil.  When sent through the machine the person, me, then made sure one seed got placed per thimble size container.  When seeds were throughly placed then the seeds were slightly covered with more soil and placed in greenhouse. 

Another fun machine used for transplanting the smaller plants into bigger trays for selling of plants.  You place the tray of plants underneath the contraption then push down and the poker like things pull out the plant so they can be transplanted.
 Everyone working hard and having fun.  Seriously, the time just flew by!!!
 Pots planted, now it's off to find them a home in the greenhouse!
 Seeds, seeds, and more seeds starting their germination.
The beginnings of something beautiful...
 I could just live in a place like this!  I had the most fun just wondering through the never ending greenhouses.  Peaceful and serene.  
 Leaving the greenhouse, hoping I can come again soon!!!

~ Happy Gardening ~

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Miss Jessie said...

Lots and lots of interesting facts. That would be so much fun to walk through a greenhouse like that.