April 21, 2011

Pretty Purple Pansies

I love the spring time!  It's still a little chilly out, and we are still getting snow here.  However, even though summer is trying to find it's way to town we can still plant some pansies.  Pansies love the colder weather and even love the snow...a little.  I got me some pretty purple pansies about a month ago and have enjoyed watching them grow in this cold spring weather.  

The word pansy is such a weird name.  I actually love it when someone calls me a "Pansy" in a derogatory way.  I am always like, "You want to call me a Pansy?  Well thank you for thinking of me as a cute little flower!"  That's how I look at.  Before I got into gardening I got me some pansies toward the middle of the summer.  They weren't the best looking pansies, but I thought with some extra help and green thumb caring I would bring these pansies back to life.  That was not the case.  They struggled, looked sad, and pretty much went to flower heaven.  I later came to find out that I hadn't done anything wrong in my taking care of my little pansies.  Pansies just don't like the heat, so they gave up their battle to live last summer.  That's the joy of annuals.  Ha!  Now I know that pretty little pansies like the colder air, and it gives me something to enjoy until the hotter weather makes an appearance.  
If it's still cold in your neck of the woods go out to your local nursery and buy yourself some Pansies - they will brighten up your cold spring day, and keep your garden looking pretty until the hot summer months come about.  
~ Happy Gardening ~ 

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