April 14, 2011

I've Been Teaching!

I recently have been volunteering my time to teaching Beginning Gardening Classes to people in Iron County.  The classes had about 25-30 students in attendance.  Out of six classes being taught I taught three of them.  I did a class on Starting Seeds vs. Buying Seeds, another on Vegetable Gardening, and my last class was on Ways to Water and Irrigate.  I had to do a lot of studying on each subject - because I'm a beginner myself.  However, I felt that I had studied enough and was well prepared that I ended up being confident enough to teach.  I enjoyed teaching these classes, and as an added bonus I even learned a lot about gardening myself.  I am not an expert at gardening, but I'm making my way to having a very bright green thumb.

~ Happy Gardening ~

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Miss Jessie said...

You're such a great teacher, no wonder they had you teaching half the classes, unless it was just you and another student sharing the responsibility of teaching the class. You really are a great teacher, you don't make people feel stupid and you make the class entertaining. I bet the people taking it really enjoyed it.